30% lower seal drag

Our cylinder offers 30% lower seal drag. Improved porting and lower accumulator pressures result in less force required to operate by park staff and attendees. Increasing morale in what can otherwise be a tiresome and physically demanding task.

Manual Relief Valve

With a manual relief valve that doesn’t require tools to operate. Park technicians can override cylinders quickly and efficiently by hand using the externally mounted locking valve. Being the first safety restraint cylinder that has a fully closed hydraulic system, this process won’t contaminate the oil.

No Internal Bladder - Reducing Potential Failure Points

Previous designs attempted oil delivery in forms that ultimately produced less pressure; the RMC cylinder has incorporated 3 sealing points creating more positive sealing as pressure increases resulting in a consistent volume delivery of oil. This approach requires no internal bladder - reducing potential failure points.

Versatile and Adaptable Design

The versatile design can be adapted to any application. Configurable for auto retract or extend we are capable of customizing the cylinder to fit both standard size and untraditionally sized coasters. Our design allows the solenoid to be mounted to accommodate various connector orientations and wire routings.

Extensive and Rigorous Testing

We conduct extensive durability and life cycle testing with a strict pass fail system for quality assurance. Every cylinder must pass 500 cycles at 1,256 lbs. 10% of all cylinders produced must undergo and pass 1050 testing cycles. Our initial sets of cylinders were tested and passed well over 20,000 cycles. All cylinders are serialized and shipped with its test results. Compared to standard testing parameters we demand more rigorous benchmarks.

Smaller Footprint

RMC cylinders have a markedly smaller footprint and lighter construction than any other cylinder on the market. When considering the average amount of cylinders on one train, our lighter design can substantially reduce train weight and take up much less space allowing for more efficient and comfortable car designs.

Warranties, Maintenance, & Repair

Our cylinder is a maintenance free product for you, made in the USA. With a one season warranty and an easily refurbish-able design, we are equipped to receive, service, and ship back cylinders requiring maintenance in just over a week.

Simply put, our restraint cylinder is held to the highest safety and quality standards that can be custom fit to your coaster needs while keeping your park staff and attendees happy; all the while, saving you from costly maintenance.